Ikea’s Jesper Brodin on AI, Ditching the Catalogue, and Making ' Disposable ' Furniture Sustainable

IKEA, from what I remember, has not been known to make the most sustainable products with users disposing off their IKEA furniture and accessories relatively quickly and buying more. The company of course realises this, but how quickly can it do something about it?

That being on one side, here are some insights from their CEO on how the company looks at climate action:  

  • “ The only way Ikea can be successful in the future is to be in a hurry to get sustainable. We need to get smarter on how we use energy and materials across the whole value chain ” - Jesper Brodin ( IKEA -CEO )

  • IKEA along with an entrepreneur in the Netherlands and the Dutch government has implemented a successful circular economy model for mattress recycling, a "reverse factory" .This model has the potential to be expanded to other markets and industries, creating a more sustainable and profitable business model.

  • IKEA had set a climate plan in 2016, aiming to achieve a 15% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, and has already reached a 13.6% reduction in 2022, demonstrating the effectiveness of its decarbonization strategies.

  • IKEA is reconstructing the digital foundation by adding everything from the basic shopping experience to virtual reality and augmented reality. It helps in saving a lot of paper and a lot of transport paper for very little use at the end of the day.

  • https://time.com/6284013/ikea-ceo-jesper-brodin-interview-leadership/ 

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