Mitsubishi Corporation’s green transition

How does a massive, $150  billion + global corporation with strong roots in supporting the oil & gas industry globally for decades transition to a low carbon firm with highly decarbonized value chains?

Here are some thoughts from Mitsubishi CEO Takehiko Kakiuchi: 

  • The company is committed to providing a stable supply of LNG while working towards halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and actively investing in renewable energy, with wind and solar power representing roughly half of the ¥2 trillion ($17 billion) committed to energy transformation efforts.

  • The wider Japanese economy aims to become carbon-neutral in 30 years and is expected to cover about 40% of its energy demand with renewables, with natural gas playing a vital role in meeting the remaining 60%

  • “ The greatest focus is on hydrogen as we move toward 2050.Another technological shortcut to carbon neutrality may be the introduction of compact nuclear power plants known as small modular reactors [SMRs] “ - Takehiko Kakiuchi ( CEO - Mitsubishi Corporation )

  • Kakiuchi also suggests that part of this transformation should involve the introduction of AI into distributed energy infrastructure [to help manage decentralized grids]. He believes this will increase energy efficiency and optimize storage potential.


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