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The most comprehensive guide to global climate startups

Developed by a team of climate tech industry
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Climate action is critical - it is just too obvious.

What is not obvious is the pathway to get the world to a climate stable zone.

There are a few key drivers for effective climate action - government policies and financing are perhaps some of the top drivers. Along with these is innovation.

Innovating for climate action is a must. The existing climate technologies, solutions and business models, if implemented well, can take the world a good distance towards Net Zero, but not the full distance.

The missing piece that can zoom us faster towards is innovation.

And that brings us to the importance of climate tech startups. And to Clidemy 500, the most comprehensive, curated guide to 500 innovative climate tech startups from around the world.

Developed by a set of climate tech veterans who have been closely involved with most of the climate tech domains as well as with dozens of innovative startups.

Who will benefit tremendously from Clidemy 500?

Clidemy 500 will be invaluable to the following stakeholders:

  • Financial investors - especially venture capital investors, and also private equity and corporate investors
  • Corporate investors - corporate innovation heads & venture arms seeking strategic investments into climate tech firms
  • Startup incubators & accelerators - keen on knowing the innovation trends worldwide in order to incubate and accelerate such innovations in their regions
  • Government organizations - especially those keen on growing a strong climate tech startup ecosystem
  • Startups - current startups can benefit from a knowledge of other startups in related domains worldwide

What are the key benefits to the target audience?

  • Get to know about 500 impactful climate startups from around the world in one place
  • Understand their solutions, USPs & technology/process used through concise explanations
  • Access the founders and top personnel from each startup in one click
  • Get to know about their latest funding & investments in one click
  • Get an overview of the 50 decarbonization avenues that will shape the global journey to Net Zero over the next five decades.

Why is Clidemy 500 different from anything else out there?

  • The only guide that provides a comprehensive snapshot of 500 climate startups
  • The only guide that provides a curated listing for all the relevant decarbonization avenues - about 50 of them
  • A guide developed by veterans who have been working in the climate tech domain for over fifteen years and have consulted for hundreds of companies and worked with over 75 startups

Who is the team behind Clidemy 500?

  • The team that developed Clidemy is the team that built Clidemy, a pioneering climate education platform that aspires to provide effective climate education to a billion people worldwide by 2030.
  • The core team behind Clidemy 500 also founded EAI, India’s leading climate tech management consulting firm.
  • EAI has assisted over 250 firms over the last 15 years in their climate tech strategy and business. Besides, the research reports from EAI have benefitted over 3500 businesses worldwide. The work done by EAI in climate tech spans almost all the climate tech verticals - Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, E-mobility, Green Hydrogen, Bio-based Materials, Green Chemicals, Carbon Capture, Waste Management

Sections in Clidemy 500

Global insights on climate innovations

Sectoral innovations in climate actions for the following 10 sectors:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Storage
  • Low Carbon Mobility
  • Low Carbon Food And Agriculture
  • Waste Management
  • Low Carbon Materials
  • Water Sustainability
  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Digital For Decarbonization

Snapshots of 500 climate tech startups across 50 decarbonisation avenues

Summary and highlights from the 500 startups

Key takeaways

  • For Investors & Venture Capitalists
  • For Startup
  • For Corporates
  • For Academia
  • For Government


  • Total number of startups: 500
  • Total number of decarbonization avenues: 50
  • Total number of pages: 750

Intelligence for each startup includes:

  • Concise description of solution
  • Key value
  • Highlights of products
  • Technology / process used
  • Founding team & LinkedIn profile
  • Valuable videos & news items

The 50 decarbonization avenues researched

The Clidemy research team undertook a six month research to identify fifty decarbonization avenues, which together will account for over 95% of all the climate action globally for the next several decades.

Clidemy 500 includes showcases of ten innovative startups in each of these 50 decarbonization avenues.

Sample startups whose snapshots are provided in Clidemy 500

Name of startupDASolutionCountry
Allume EnergyDistributed Solar PVSolShare - hardware for connecting apartments to rooftop solarAustralia
Energy DomeThermal & Mechanical StorageCO2 based grid energy storageItaly
HeliogenSolar Thermal Concentrated solar solution that uses advanced computer vision software to precisely reflect sunlight to a targetUnited States
Wind Power Autonomous underwater vehicle and remotely operated underwater vehicle technologies and support servicesUnited Kingdom

Green Hydrogen Ocean Air Capture technology converts CO2 into an “antacid' to fight ocean's increasing acidity while producing green hydrogenUnited States
Smart Joules Energy efficient buildingsIoT based energy-efficiency-as-a-service platformIndia 
Kraftblock Industrial Waste heat recovery Thermal energy storage system that can also be used to store and reuse industrial waste heatGermany 
Noya Energy efficient industrial equipmentCO2 capture process that utilizes existing industrial equipment to pull CO2 out of the air and re-packages it for sale to industrial CO2 consumers.United states 
Gradient Heat Pumps  Hybrid cooling and heating system for homesUnited States
Brain Box AI Digital for decarbonization AI engine to optimise HVAC systems in real-timeFrance 
Sicona Battery technologies Battery Storage High-performance silicon-graphite composite anode and polymer binder materialsAustralia 
Good Dot Low Carbon FoodPlant based meat substituteIndia
Nth cycle Low carbon metalsHydrogen breakthrough ironmaking technology - fossil-free steel-making technology.United States
Raptor MapsUtility Scale Solar PVRaptor Solar is an advanced software-as-a-service platform for the entire solar lifecycle — from financing and construction through operations.United States
Upside FoodsLow Carbon FoodSustainable meat – alternative for chickenUnited States
Pivot BioLow Carbon Chemicals & FertilizersNitrogen innovator providing farmers and the world with better nitrogen for improved productivity and sustainability.United States
Terra CO2Low Carbon construction materialsLow-CO2, sustainable, alternative cementCanada
CirculorCorporate Carbon ManagementSuite of technologies to track materials, emissions, and complianceUnited Kingdom
RemoraLow Carbon TruckingCarbon emissions capture technology for semi-truckUnited States
EinrideLow Carbon TruckingLow carbon freight with electric and autonomous vehicles coordinated by an intelligent networkSweden
Bound4blueLow Carbon Marine TransportAutomated wind assisted propulsion systems  as a turnkey solution for shipping companiesSpain
SkyNRGLow Carbon AviationSustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for commercial aviationNetherlands
KiverdiC2V-Co2 to ValueConverts CO2 to proteins, soil nutrients, fish feed and plasticsUnited States
BreedrReducing Emissions from LivestockTechnology platform for the livestock industryUnited Kingdom
ClimeworksCo2 Capture & storageDirect Air Capture machines to capture CO2Switzerland
WaterShedCorporate Carbon ManagementThe all-in-one climate platform for companies to measure carbon footprint, reduce emissions, fund carbon removal, and report on progressUnited States


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CliDemy’s goal is to provide effective climate education, training or skilling to 1 billion people worldwide by 2030 - the qualifying word is effective. Our goal is to make this number even larger by 2035 - 3 billion people climate educated & skilled, which would be about 30% of the global population by that time.


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EAI is India’s leading business catalyst for climate action – operating in clean energy, environment and sustainability sectors. Through our offerings in strategic & market intelligence, partnership facilitation and business promotion for clean energy and environment sectors, we contribute to India’s sustainable growth and development

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