AI, Digital Twins to Unleash Next Wave of Climate Research Innovation

Interesting insights from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on how AI could create real, high-impact cllimate-action breakthroughs: 

  • AI and accelerated computing will enable breakthroughs in climate science, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang said during a keynote Monday at the Berlin Summit for the Earth Virtualization Engines initiative.

  • NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang outlined three miracles that are necessary for climate researchers to achieve their goals of creating Earth Virtualization Engines (EVE) at the Berlin Summit.

  • The first miracle required will be to simulate the climate fast enough and with a high enough resolution

  • The second miracle required will be to emulate the physics of climate at high enough fidelity using AI.

  • The third miracle needed is the ability to virtualize massive data interactively with the NVIDIA Omniverse to “put it in the hands of policymakers, businesses, companies, and scientists.” He also described NVIDIA’s efforts in this direction through Earth-2.

  • EVE is an international collaboration that brings together digital infrastructure focused on climate science, HPC and AI aiming to provide, for the first time, easily accessible kilometer-scale climate information to manage the planet sustainably.

  • NVIDIA Modulus, an open-source framework for designing, training and fine-tuning physics-informed machine learning models, and FourCastNet, an Earth system emulator and predictor that can learn physics from real-world data.

  • Earth, the final frontier, these are the voyages of EVE. “Its mission is to push the limits of computing in the service of climate modeling,informing  today the impact of mitigation and adaptation to Earth’s tomorrow, to boldly go where no one has gone before.


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