JP Morgan CEO Calls on Governments to “Evoke Eminent Domain” to Fast-Track Solar & Wind Farms

When the CEO of a global financial investment firm bats for un-liberal, non-market efforts, one knows that one needs to be really worried about climate change:  

  • Jamie Dimon emphasized the urgent need to expedite green energy projects, highlighting that the window to avoid the most expensive consequences of global climate change is closing.

  • Dimon highlighted the inextricable links between economic growth, energy security, and climate change. He emphasized that immediate action is necessary to provide energy affordably and reliably today, while making the necessary investments to decarbonize for tomorrow.

  • He suggested the possibility of using eminent domain to accelerate grid, solar, wind, and pipeline initiatives. This proposal is unconventional, especially coming from the longest-serving CEO of a Wall Street bank, and could be controversial, especially as U.S. states seek to curb seizure orders.


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