Beer could run low as climate crisis decimates Europe’s barley crops, warns the CEO of Japanese brewer Asahi

This might not be something that the folks at the FAO would be spending sleepless nights on, but for the millions of booze lovers worldwide, climate change seems to be really hitting home, close and personal! 

  • The EU, the world's largest barley producer, contributed 22% of the global barley production but climate change poses a significant threat indicating that temperature and precipitation changes affected  continent-wide wheat and barley yields.

  • Japan’s biggest brewer ( Katsuki Asahi)  has teamed up with Microsoft. Microsoft is supplying AI weather-monitoring systems that could mitigate disruptions. 

  • Budweiser owner AB-Inbev and Danish group Carlsberg have both invested in drought-resistant barley grown in the hot African climate in anticipation of climate change.

  • “The phenomenon, known as Drinkflation, has reduced alcohol concentration in brands Foster’s and Greene King by two- or three-tenths of a percent” - CNN.


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