The CEO of Boston Consulting Group reveals the steps he's taking to address the global climate crisis.

So, what does one of the world's most famous management consulting firms do to manage its own carbon footprint? BCG CEO tells us a few things here: 

  • The company planned to reduce its climate impact from business travel, which represents more than 80% of its total footprint, by at least 30% per full-time employee by 2025. The firm also announced a $400 million investment over the next decade to address the effects of climate change.

  • We announced a 30% reduction, not a 90% reduction because we still think our teams will need to spend time with clients. - Rich Lesser, CEO  of Boston Consulting Group.

  • Top economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Stanford University, and University of Chicago's Booth School of Business forecast that firms would be slashing their travel budgets by nearly 40% by embracing virtual client meetings.

  •  The firm plans to reduce direct energy and electricity emissions by 90% per full-time employee by 2025.BCG fully transitioned to buying renewable electricity in 2019.


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