54 organizations demand Toyota shift to EVs globally as new CEO steps in

Some serious pressure here for the Toyota CEO:

  • A coalition of 54 consumer and environmental groups from 26 countries have written a letter timed to coincide with the start of new CEO Koji Sato’s tenure asking that the company phase-out fossil fuels globally by 2035, and in Europe by 2030.

  • The letter points out “decades of harm and deceit caused by Toyota” with respect to electric vehicle adoption, including cheating on emissions tests, which led to a record $180 million fine.

  • Toyota has actively worked against electric cars over the last decade. The company has repeatedly spread EV misinformation.

  • Toyota’s inability – or, perhaps more accurately, lack of desire – to adapt to the EV landscape seems to have been a factor in its downgrade.

  • https://electrek.co/2023/03/31/54-organizations-demand-toyota-shift-to-evs-globally-as-new-ceo-steps-in/ 

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