Just half of CEOs see climate change as a risk to their business

Many a time, it takes a painful hit to REALIZE AND NOT JUST KNOW something. About half the CEOs interviewed by PwC recently do not seem to consider climate change as a serious risk to their business. It could either be that they are in a lucky business or because they have so far lived under lucky circumstances. Neither of these conditions are likely to continue in future!

  •  According to a PwC survey, only half of CEOs consider climate change a risk to their business, and just 19% see it as a serious risk. This figure has decreased from 23% the previous year. 

  • Climate change can affect businesses in various ways, including supply chain disruptions, plant location considerations, and issues related to water availability for manufacturing.

  • “Most CEOs are under pressure to deliver results to analysts and to the market.They are in their jobs for less than five years on average. And the returns from any investment they make has a much longer horizon.”- Bhaskar Chakravorti at Tufts University

  • The article notes that individuals and companies alike may not be significantly changing behaviors in response to climate concerns. Consumer behavior, such as reducing air conditioning use or meat consumption, remains largely unchanged.

  • https://www.marketplace.org/2023/08/23/just-half-of-ceos-see-climate-change-as-a-risk-to-their-business/ 

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