CEOs to climate activists: You’re right, our industry is a big problem

I find the CEOs in the aviation industry to be relatively more frank when it comes to pointing fingers at themselves as a key contributor to climate change. That is all well, but what exactly are they doing about it? That's quite another matter! 

  • Airline executives, including Air France CEO Anne Rigail and Emirates President Tim Clark, have acknowledged the growing alarm among travelers about the climate consequences of air travel and recognized that the industry isn't doing enough to curb emission.

  • “[W]e [in the aviation industry] aren’t doing ourselves any favours by chucking billions of tons of carbon into the air. It’s got to be dealt with,” - Tim Clark (Emirates President)

  • The "flight shaming" movement, exemplified by climate activist Greta Thunberg, has led to a reduction in the number of flights taken by some travelers.

  • The United Nations is working on setting up an emissions trading scheme for airlines to offset their contributions to climate change.

  • The airline industry is facing challenges in decarbonizing air travel - A renewed push for cleaner air travel technologies — electrification, biofuels, electrofuels, and hydrogen — but these tactics may be decades away from making a dent in air travel emissions. 


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